Welcome to the website of Thomas Parsons’ Charity (formally known as The Governors of the Lands and Possessions of the Poor of the City or Town of Ely).

Thomas Parsons’ Charity owns and operates 27 Almshouses across the City of Ely; Thomas Parsons’ Square, Deacons Lane Bungalows, and Bamford House. Applications forms for the properties are available on the Almshouses page on this website.

Thomas Parsons Charity also owns a range of farms and land holdings. These include: Cawdle Fen Washes and Milking Hill Common. In addition to the Almshouses, Thomas Parsons’ Charity also gives relief generally or individually to those in need, hardship or distress. It is hoped that this website will become a valuable link between the Thomas Parsons’ Charity and the Ely Community.

Our history

Thomas Parsons’ Charity is the shortened name of the ancient Charity whose full title is The Governors of the Lands and Possessions of the Poor of Ely, otherwise Parsons’ Charity, in Ely in the County of Cambridgeshire.

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